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Many of you will be familiar with 'Tag Clouds' on Web 2.0 sites, as shown on Smashing Magazine's Tag Clouds Gallery and the web administrators amongst you will be familiar with 'Heat Maps' showing how individual users view and click on a particular page. Cloud Maps are a combination of these two ideas - a visual representation of the most popular pages on a web site, driven from the access logs.
This implementation started life as an extension of AWStats, but very shortly afterwards it became a very stripped down version. Automatic page title retrieval has been built in, along with considerable re-factoring of the original configuration mechanism. AWStats was intended to be used either as a CGI script, or as an occasional task to write static HTML files, but cloudMap will normally be called from a server-side process, with the output piped into the guts of an HTML page, as it is on this site:CalcResult's CloudMap Archive.
AWStats is licensed under the GPL, consequently so is this package.A zipped copy of all source code can be found here at this permalink, while old versions are listed in the archive.

Technical Details

As cloudMap is written in PERL, there is no need for platform-specific compiled versions; any machine capable of running PERL 5 or better will be capable of running the same program.

As far as possible, the output of cloudMap conforms to the HTML 5, CSS2 / CSS3 & other relevant standards.


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